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Corporate5_K1Y2118-copyRT1Scopy_LREach annual report photography commission is as different as each company’s operations, business, staff and management.

Mark Turnbull has a long established career creating professional images specifically for company annual reports.

Mark’s professional photography is trusted by the City to correctly (and safely) capture the best images of your management, projects, facilities and staff for publication in a formal report.

Annual Report Photography does not merely capture standard business portraits but can also include formalised portraits and landscapes, or, to portray work in progress, Mark employs a reportage style of photography capturing the ‘decisive moment’.

This helps to represent exactly what your company does to existing or future investors and stakeholders, capturing your processes, standards, premises, facilities, investments and of course, your people and their mission statement

It is for this reason you need a professional who understands annual report photography and is familiar with managing and delivering these specialised photography projects, that need consideration, diligence and experience.

This often includes travel to overseas facilities to photograph processes, teams or buildings, taking hundreds of images and processing and collating them into a common style for your annual report.

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