Linked in Profile Pictures

Carlos Sanchez-7716LinkedIn is a Social Media platform no business or professional should ignore. One of the most important parts of a LinkedIn profile is the profile picture and these images need to present the professional character of the individual.

Far too many LinkedIn profile pictures are shot on camera phones or uploaded from whatever the user has to hand, usually just for the purposes of completing the profile. Those profile photos are obvious and can portray to the reader a rushed individual who doesn’t always complete things properly.

Professional LinkedIn images however tell the full story about the individual and show care and diligence. They are best composed and shot with a specific aspect ratio to reflect the content of the rest of the profile, backing up the skills and experience. It is also extremely important they capture the individual’s character.

A professional LinkedIn profile picture has the potential to make the difference between winning a contract or landing a new position, or not. They can be shot in a studio, or, if emphasis that a location near the financial centre is key, out in the city of London near a landmark. They can also be in the office or, if it suits the individual’s role, an informal reportage shot.

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