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Ailsa Kegler-5390Many of our corporate clients want key staff portraits shot in a studio environment, especially for their own specific applications.

This involves photographing key staff members or directors in a controlled environment using studio lighting and a specific backdrop or set of backdrops, removing any background or prop from the image, leaving just the individual’s portrait.

These generic studio portrait images can then be used for a variety of purposes from staff handbooks to annual reports and linked in profile pictures.

Additionally the photographic team will be able to ensure consistency through all staff portraits shot that day or series of days, purely by virtue of having set up and maintained the very best lighting conditions.

Mark Turnbull Photography can accommodate this be either photographing your staff in a London Studio or by bringing the required equipment to your offices and setting up there.

This second option limits disruption with key staff able to remain in the office throughout the day. We usually find this is the preferred solution for clients.

Should this be the case a studio set up to provide specialised lighting and backgrounds, or potentially even an infinity wall, a special wall that is shaped to cut down on harsh shadows.

If you feel your shoot requires a studio set up, call Mark Turnbull’s team today to discuss volumes and requirements. These staff photographs off the very best in convenience, practicality and consistency.